Adopting conscious lifestyle to lead sustainable living

Adopting conscious lifestyle to lead sustainable living

The current world is threatened by the global pandemic (Covid-19), which has already killed a million people. This had lead to much of the travel to social and leisure industries being restricted. In turn has had a positive impact on the carbon footprints. However, losing loved ones are not the way to combat for a sustainable and safer future. Although, this year has taught us some lessons on the values of being able to spend more time with our families and friends and approach life in a different way to than our old ways, we seek to make new changes. And that is to be able to apply individually our best to live consciously for the greater good, which can create a sustainable living. So, we must figure out how best we could help create a better and healthier lifestyle and by being aware of our actions that creates reactions to the surrounding around us.

 Mindfulness conscious style lifestyle for a sustainable living. plant-based and vegan style

Adopting conscious lifestyle to lead sustainable living

In order to achieve a sustainable living we must focus on the conscious lifestyle. Conscious based living is something that can be traced far back into the religious teachings of Buddhism, Hinduism, Jainism and other ancient religions. This norm of spiritual understanding can help each individual attain a compassionate lifestyle. Although, some may be against the norm of religious teachings however, these are considered as life's teachings or a way of life, which is shared in the form of knowledge to create harmony and being mindfulness.

One must not pressure them self to entirely replicate such lifestyle from the start to  to perfect the conscious living but slowly and gradually do their part to make small changes which would ideally lead to a sustainable living. In fact, many have started such conscious based living since the start of pandemic leading to a rise in numbers in the year of 2020. But we must explore the difference between conscious living and sustainable living. 


What exactly is conscious living and how does it apply to our lifestyle?

Conscious living is having the awareness to understand your surroundings and lifestyle. It is an everyday part of our lives that is imprinted from our way of eating, commuting, socialising to as far as how we think. That being said we do not take them significantly and spend some time thinking about how well we could improve for the better. Being mindfulness and taking actions to apply changes are the way to adopting a conscious life. 

Some of us are faced with problems that let's us take a certain part of our lives more serious than other and this is where we are likely to lose the imbalance of of our conscious living. There can be our finances, family, health, spiritual, social and environment. When we focus on one or just a few of the issues, we then lose our balance to focus on the others. So in reality conscious living can be said about finding the perfect imbalance in life and acting upon it. 


How can I live consciously for a better sustainability?

By remembering that changes take shape slowly and applying them at your own pace to find the imperfect balance you are able to achieve a happier, healthier and a inspirational lifestyle. Let's look at some key parts that we can focus on to lead such better well-being.

  • Health - pay close attention to your body and it's requirements. Each and every individual have their own preferences. Making a balanced choice and an ethical one with an active lifestyle will determine a person's overall health. In fact the new norm of being healthy is applying more plant-based foods popularly known as the vegan lifestyle. Consuming animal free foods have so much positive impact on one's health but also on the entire environment which creates the biggest change that leads to sustainable living. 
  • Relationship - is a vital part of our lives. In which we look for a social meaning and belonging to a part of group, an individual, ourselves or even the natural habitat. It's important not to forget our families, friends or whatever that means more to us and spend time with them to maintain and build strong bonds. Of course many have highlighted how much their bonds have strengthened over this pandemic by staying at home and spending more time with the loved ones. Where as previously, we had such fast paced life that we forget to call or sit and listen to our loved ones. This has contributed to a sustainable living in many ways. Such as saving time, money and energy.
  • Finance - is a major part of our security in the modern life. It defines how we could be able to survive in our every day life. But due to so much choices in this world we sometimes take things for granted and buy things we want and not need. One way to tackle this to become more conscious with countless choices to buy smart and what we need, when we need it. There are so many brands offering so many products to be shipped separately in small quantities. So, for example we are trying to tackled this at Unigrocer by aiming to provide everything for our citizens by having the necessary foods in one place and then be able to ship in one go as required. This helps our shoppers save money on shipping and cut down carbon footprints. So choosing consciously can lead to a sustainable living. 
  • Environment - helps us to feel safe and secure. This determines our chances of survival for tomorrow. If we are to seek a better tomorrow we must make changes today and that's where individual conscious living comes to play. Through our ways of choosing to eat ethically and healthy, building organic relationships and maintaining them, to controlling our spending will create a better and a sustainable environment. An average human has more belongings today than one had 100 years ago as well as producing more waste per individual than before. So by ensuring on controlled waste and re-using than throwing we are able to cut landfill but also over production. We should also apply the principles on our eating and fashion to prevent animal cruelty. This helps sustain the environment on larger scale and can prevent extinction of species and help save the entire habitat.


How much of a difference would it make by leading a conscious lifestyle for a sustainable future?

  • Studies show that shifting to sustainable lifestyle could save around $26 trillion by 2030.
  • Your lifestyle could determine the change of turbulent drastic changes in weather conditions which has doubled in just over two decades. 
  • By 2030 the average rise in temperature would be set to go higher as 2 degrees Celsius. Sustainable living can slow this down and have it eradicated in the near future.
  • The world is expected to spend about $90 trillion in infrastructure modernization, which would create tons of emissions that could have an adverse affect on our climate. By building sustainable structures with re-usable and recyclable materials giving longer lifespan with easy maintenance will prevent such disaster.
  • More than 70% of the farming lands of the total farming sector is used for growing livestock to feed humans. By consuming less livestock and switching to plant-based foods and adopting a vegan lifestyle would save this land for a better use and reduce the usage of water while keeping down huge amount of carbon released into the atmosphere.


What are the consequences if I do not start a conscious based living to lead a sustainable lifestyle?

We could be faced with many dangers that would damage the future of mankind and the entire habitat around the world. The entire civilization could be compromised into various challenges which would be irreversible. We would be fighting on multiple fronts for to prevent disasters such as;

wildfires raging from unsustainable weather and living leading to chaos and destruction

These are some of the major impacts that could lead to an unsustainable future. However, it is never too late to take action on our each part to make small changes in our daily lives to lead a conscious lifestyle. This would then be reflected on a whole that would result in a sustainable lifestyle which would allow us to prosper and leave a better future for our children, the habitat and entire planet.

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