Simple Ways To Trick Your Body Into Never Craving Sugar Again

Simple Ways To Trick Your Body Into Never Craving Sugar Again

Do you get the urge to grab sugary foods, even though you are fighting to keep away from it?

Despite being one of the major sources of many health and weight problems, it does take one to be strong to stay away from it when you get the urge for sugar cravings.

Sugar is highly addictive and seduce the brain into urging for more with increasing consumption. Here, three top nutritionists share their wisdom on how to keep sugar cravings at bay. 


1. Eat regularly without large gaps

Ensure you eat the right meals regularly and do not leave huge gaps between your meals. Leaving too much gaps between your meals can encourage the sugar cravings to kick in.


2. Keep on top with protein and fiber

Both protein and fiber rich foods in each meal slows down the absorption of sugar from other foods within the meal.  The slower the sugar is processed the less it it destabilizes the sugar levels in your body. This in return controls the production of insulin and adrenaline levels. 


3. Big Breakfast

That's right! It's the most important meal of the day. And it is the most essential to get your body going. Pack it full of protein and try to have it within 45 minutes of waking up. This way you stay full for longer and control any spike in sugar levels.


4. Check every food label

Every food has some sort of sugar content. The best to control it would be to pick the foods with low sugar content. For example try stick to anything with under 5 g per 100 g. 


5. Drink your water

On average 2 litres of water required for men and women 2.2 litres. When you are dehydrated the it reduces the flow of sugar into the cells which then drives for more sugar cravings. So keep up drinking water.


6. Avoid artificial sweeteners

Artificial sweeteners are considered as an alternative but in reality they can help you open your cupboards and look for a sweet snack. Sweeteners are only low on calories however, they are still carrying the same taste buds that would lead to more sugar cravings. 


7. Cut back on alcohol

Consuming excessive alcohol can encourage our appetite and cravings for as long as 24 hours after drinking. When faced with this dilemma upon waking up the following day go for a rich protein breakfast to help control cravings and stay full.


8. Cinnamon a day keeps the cravings away

Research has shown that taking a teaspoon of cinnamon with your favorite meal or drink could keep our the cravings. It tends to controls your blood glucose level. Without a doubt Ceylon cinnamon are the most nutrient and healthy recommended by various nutritionists. 


9. Home cooked meals beats processed everyday

You read it correct. We may not always have time to cook our meals but ideally if you can cook your meals from scratch, you will have a better idea of what goes in your food. Whole foods along with less sugar content can go long way to keep our the sugar cravings. 


10. Live your life and control the sugar

There is no need to beat yourself up by completely removing the sugar of your list. If you enjoy snacks look at options to treat yourself with low sugar content that will help you satisfy your cravings. We offer no added sugar and sugar free snacks to help lower your calories and enjoy same great taste.  




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