The "Free From" Foods - A rising trend with demands

The "Free From" Foods - A rising trend with demands

More and more people in the modern world are curious to know what they actually eat. While the novelty of showing a product 's complete nutritional value and the ingredients used in its development started in the early twentieth century, a more recent phenomenon is the "free-from" products.

We all have bumped in to various "free-from" products at our local shops or supermarkets. In fact, your family members or even work colleagues are now raving about such trends. So let's find out why and how they rising trend but also having a huge demand in the modern world.


What are the "Free-From" biscuits, snacks, pastas and drinks?

It's pretty obvious you had it figured out from the slogan "free-from" means, containing special ingredients or exclusion of general ingredients which are produced for the standard edition. Perhaps, you may start to wonder why are they "free-from" and then question yourself to get much answers.  It can lead one to think that it is special than standard foods because the slogans of "free-from" are highlighted well to show customers of their differences.

The truth is that these are made to ensure the safety of people who have allergens in eating certain types of food. Whether be it dairy, gluten, nut, wheat, soy etc. Consuming these without knowing what may contain in the foods can cause allergic reactions and this can cause short-term to long-term illness.

The reason many manufacturers use gluten, lactose, eggs and nuts are that it adds taste and is a widely preferred choice among the public and also costs less and can be produced easily. However due to rising trends and demands of these "free-from" foods manufacturers have been changing their ingredients to meet consumers preferences. Of course all this must be done without compromising on quality and regulations. It may be costly to do such changes for manufacturers with large facilities, however with modern technologies they are much more simpler. 

Although the "free-from" community that suffers from gluten and lactose intolerance are perhaps 8% of the world population, this does not put off the manufacturers in developing these products for the minority. Reason being is that people with no allergic reaction from gluten, dairy or wheat are also using them as part of their diet. Although it is not highly recommended to force your body to be gluten-free or lactose free the choices currently being offered to the consumers allow them to live a lifestyle they choose. For example the vegan/ plant-based community are completely dairy free and they have various milk substitutes ranging from peas to oats. 48% of US population are already switching from cow milk to alternative source of milk.

A recent study has shown that over the next few years the gluten-free market may hold as much as $15 billion of market value. Which is exponentially high compared to a decade ago. It is one of the highest growing markets along with dairy-free or lactose-free. 

Sugar-free market has been around for some time along with the other "free-from" foods. Because obesity has been in the spot light for some time which causes heart disease and liver damage, so therefore sugar-free products have begun earlier than other "free-from" foods. However, this has also been in high demand with people's lifestyle changes and various health issues being encountered eating fast foods and foods with high calories. A rapid influence from health and fitness influencers to social media has encouraged the people to live healthier and low calorie lifestyle, which is pushing them to drastically cut back on sugar consumption. Sugar-free market is now exploding in various food products from cookies to drinks. In fact, our product range which has the normal cookies with added sugar have exactly the same flavors with sugar-free range. Our "Coppenrath Zuckerfrei" sugar-free range has seen high demands all over the world and the increase in demand just keeps on rising for such snacks. This highlights that people are wary about their intake of sugar and prefer to switch to alternative biscuits which offer less calories and sugar content, without compromising on taste and quality.




This "free-from" trend is a beginning and it can only get bigger. The market value was just $90 billion in 2019 and is expected to exceed $161 billion by 2026. This is due to demand across the world with awareness simultaneously driving the growth. Advancing technological developments and research are also part of the cause behind enhancing the "free-from" products to be able to cater to the wider community. 

Our "Coppenrath Zuckerfrei" baked products have great influence over Europe, middle east and far east regions where diabetes are present widely within the population. And from experience we have understood that these people are willing to pay slightly more to live a healthy lifestyle without having quality or taste compromised. One other factor we noted with these "free-from" communities is that "made in Germany" also influences them to purchase such products due to the regulations and safety applied when producing these "free-from" cookies. Likewise, the "glutenfrei" (gluten-free) and "lactosefrei" (lactose-free) has had a huge influence in the European, Asian, North and South American regions where food intolerant people are widely present. Our "Copperath" are family bakers with an experience in the industry for almost 200 year. You can check out the range of "free-from" category by clicking here


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