Organic Ceylon True Cinnamon Powder 50g

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True Cinnamon or Ceylon Cinnamon only comes from Sri Lanka (Ceylon). Our Ceylon "True Cinnamon" Powder produces a sensational aroma and delivers the perfect taste for your food and drinks. Their rich golden brown colour and scent make them ideal also for decorations and rituals. Our True Cinnamon Powder contains the lowest coumarin levels in any cinnamon. It is also the most highly sought after cinnamon in the world with limited quantities produced annually. 

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  • Net weight: 50g 
  • Non-GMO
  • Vegan/ Vegetarian Friendly
  • True Cinnamon Grade: C5
  • Produce and Packed in Sri Lanka (Ceylon)
  • 100% Pure Organic Ceylon True Cinnamon Powder
  • Sourced from Certified Organic Farmers of Sri Lanka
  • Environment-friendly, Recyclable Paper packaging


  • Contains high amount of antioxidants
  • Contains anti-inflammatory properties to prevent diseases.
  • It helps reduce cholesterol level and maintain low blood sugar levels.
  • Contains anti-fungal and anti-bacterial properties, to help fight infections and tooth decay
  • It may also help prevent Alzheimer's disease



  • Tea, Coffee, Hot Chocolate, Smoothies
  • For breakfast with Oatmeals and Cereals
  • Perfect for cooking curries, considered as one of the sacred ingredients
  • Ideal for baking, for cinnamon rolls this would be the secret ingredient, as it produces a sensational aroma and wonderful taste
  • One of the ideal ingredients for Cookies, Cakes and Desserts
  • One of the best health-based products in helping diabetic patients maintain their blood sugar levels
  • True Ceylon Cinnamon sticks are one of the best decoration items for festive periods and winter seasons for warmth feeling and aroma
  • It is also used for religious rituals and meditation purposes

Why Our Cinnamon

They are organically grown and cared for by farmers who have long been passed down the skills and plantations for centuries. Each packet contains the best-handpicked sticks which go through a rigid process of carefully picking, peeling, drying and packing. Our packet contains C5/ C4 category Ceylon True Cinnamon, which combine the perfect aroma and taste for all-purposes.

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