Klarna - Sofort instructions


This is how "Klarna - sofort.de" works

If you choose the payment method "Klarna" in our checkout, you will be redirected to the Sofort.de page after completion of the checkout to make your transfer.

Here you go through the following steps:

1st step: "Bank transfer form

Please enter your bank code first so that we can establish a connection with your bank. The name of the bank will be filled in automatically.

The following information is already filled in on the transfer form:


Transfer amount

Purpose (e.g. bank transfer number, customer number)



Step 2: "Legitimation"


Please enter the following, as you are used to doing online banking with your bank:


Login name to log in at your bank (direct banking no. or account no., depending on your bank)

PIN, which you also use at your bank



Step 3: "Submit transfer


Please check all details of the transfer again at this point.


In order to complete the transfer, you must enter a valid TAN assigned to you by your bank and then press the button "Confirm transfer and complete order".